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Experience Table

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Maersk Drilling

Unity, Mapbox, 3D Print

The Challenge

Maersk Drilling is one of the world's largest drilling rigs worldwide. With more than 45 years of experience in the North Sea, Maersk Drilling has positioned itself as one of the most powerful players in a very pressured market. With an increasing focus on digitalizing the business, Maersk Drilling has invested in a wide range of tools and systems that optimize the business and  position them towards potential partners, customers and candidates. 

The Idea

Based on the idea of ​​making an interactive visualization of Maersk Drilling's great operational history, we developed an Experience Table with physical interactive models that gives the user a greater freedom to explore the many different rigs and vessels, as well as their history and technical specifications.

The UNITY application itself is built around a large world map where you can see the location on the current active rigs/vessels. The map is further divided into regions, allowing the user to either press either a rig/vessel location and thereby read more about its current operation, specifications, past operations and read case stories. At the same time, the map shows where in the world the relevant rig/vessel has operated previously.

In addition to the digital touch functionality, we produced 3D printed and hand painted models of the individual rigs/vessels. At the bottom of these models is a unique pattern that helps the table to recognize the rig in question and opens the information window automatically when placed on the screen. Each rig/vessel has a unique QR code that enables users to access and download specific datasheets on the individual rig and sign up for a newsletter. These permissions are collected and can later be matched with Maersk Drilling's CRM system for any leads.

The result

Since the launch of the Experience Table in October 2018, it has both been exposed at one of the most leading trade fairs in the industry, ONS in Stavanger, and has been used to position Maersk Drilling as a digital first mover in connection with visits by TV2 News to a larger press day.