Yellow og Umwelt er blevet ét

Vi er fusioneret og skaber ét samlet erfarent bureau – konkurrencedygtigt positioneret mellem kreativitet og digitalitet.

About — Umwelt


Digital advertising agency creating value through Digital Experience

We enable mutual exchange of value between the company and client. Therefore, we perceive every single touch point as a meeting. Because a meeting can only be constructive, if both parties participate in creating value.

Our approach to create the perfect meeting is called Digital Experience – conceptual digital solutions that help companies to proof their brand promise by letting users contribute to create their own value.

Jeppe Enslev

Fullstack developer

Christian Werther

Senior Digital Designer

Andreas Kryger

Digital Designer

Martin Michael Hansen

CEO & Senior Partner

Steen Søndergaard

Relationship Director & Senior Partner

Bas Meister

Senior Art Director & Associate Partner

Annasofia Rytterfeld

Jr. Producer

Lisa Sonne


Karina Korsgaard Jensen

Front-end Developer

Ida Sganzerla

Executive Producer

Sanne Kildegård Christiansen


Charlie Williams

Digital Designer

Joshua Nielsen

Lead developer

Alexander Vissing

Account Director

Lucinda Enevold


Christopher Lee Dahm

Digital Marketeer

Sanna Sandback


Ulrik Mernøe

Account Director

Lars Landbo Olsen

Back-end Developer

Bettina Vendelbo

Finance Manager