Iconic is not a word everyone can use

Client: MENU
Solution: Development of a campaign website presenting high end furniture

Icons by MENU is a unique collection of premium heritage furniture rooted in international design and craft traditions.

With this project, Yellow Umwelt's ambition was to encapsulate the experience and perception of iconic, premium and timeless furniture into a digital tribute. This was pursued with inspiration from museums and galleries, and their instinctive ability to promote respect towards shapes and forms. Visually the inspiration is expressed in a simple and playful design that engages the user with interesting storytelling and functions.


Menu has relaunched a collection of chairs, that originally was designed in 1953 – and then it is ok to call it iconic.

Ib Kofod-Larsens chairs are characterized as some of the original chairs that formed the concept “Danish Design”, which our country still is well known for in all parts of the world. Now they have a website that matches the precious collection of chairs – in a design, that matches the colours, the quality, the craftmanship and the price level of these. The solution is prepared for further expansion of new iconic collections of furniture. 



The solution integrates with Shopify and the Cylindo 3D visualization platform. The website won the prestigious FWA award in 2022.10.12

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